Kurt Philip Behm Sayings and Quotes

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Through the eyes of a child, —is your heart then set free Kurt Philip Behm
If you live your life correctly,death walks close by your side. To constantly remind you, that time’s not on your side. Your choice on how to handle,to ignore or then befriend. Will change your life completely —as each day begins again Kurt Philip Behm
A Cowboy never says goodbye, / it’s not in his nature. Kurt Philip Behm
A warrior’s tears blood from above, his fury unleashed in a most perfect love. Though few understand it a life heaven loaned, dying immortal. Kurt Philip Behm
Marking time in present tense old memories left to rust. The past a distant reverie its truth beyond my trust. Looking straight into the sun my eyes reopen wide. A last reflection staring back remembrance so divine. Kurt Philip Behm
Only through the act of self-reflection — is the Creator truly known Kurt Philip Behm
Passing through its own reflection, eternity is beauty — and beauty is truth. Kurt Philip Behm
Do thoughts control what knowledge seeks, does reflection hold the key. Kurt Philip Behm
Living on the surface, your reflection flat and clean Kurt Philip Behm
A mirrored reflection of what never comes out. Kurt Philip Behm
A highway of regret… / an avenue of denial. Kurt Philip Behm
Like a vase containing flowers, a writer becomes a vessel for words / Beyond seconds, minutes, and hours, displaying lines set to bloom in what’s heard. Kurt Philip Behm
Memories of memories, / illusions called the past / Their structure self deceptive, / inside our minds ill cast Kurt Philip Behm
Like clubs inside my golf bag / each verse a different face / Some to drive straight down the course / others lift and then embrace. Kurt Philip Behm
My swing is then adjusted / as words take off and fly / And landing safe beyond the trap / to make the devil cry. Kurt Philip Behm
The mouthpiece of ignorance / is gossip / The wellspring of gossip / —is lies Kurt Philip Behm
Allowed to grow unfettered, allowed to grow unnamed. Allowed to grow beyond myself, connected once again. Kurt Philip Behm
Can the lie you’ve lived before today—get one last second chance? Kurt Philip Behm
Because in the end, a community of friends / —let you rise and then stand tall. Kurt Philip Behm
How at a crossroads he there stood / a lighthouse shining, and always would. Kurt Philip Behm
The Poet of Las Vegas Boulevard / steals emotion from the night / Holding a vigil in the darkness / waiting for the light Kurt Philip Behm
My Grandfather was a Poet, / my Father was a thief / Their spirits fight to own my soul / —my Son in cradle sleeps / My Grandfather spoke of beauty, / my Father spoke of sin / The truth now locked within a voice / —whose key I leave to him Kurt Philip Behm
Like eating your own cooking, / do you favor what you write / Do the words digest completely, / —the stove again to light / As you walk that final mile, / in those shabby cobblers shoes / Will you then embrace at last, / —what was never yours to lose Kurt Philip Behm
I hate the word clever, it seeks to demean. Kurt Philip Behm
His words left behind / to inspire and remind / —of those things that we still have to learn Kurt Philip Behm
Everything written to inspire / makes the old new again / In ways that only / the heart can feel / —and the spirit know Kurt Philip Behm
Beyond genius the spirit flies, beyond genius the mood decries. Kurt Philip Behm
Beyond genius the heavens sing beyond genius that final thing. Beyond genius the heavens sing beyond genius that final thing. Kurt Philip Behm
Victim of passion / purveyor of lies / Betrayer of talent / bending the I Kurt Philip Behm
The blonde playing hopscotch / had a tattoo / In a collision of eras / her ponytail flew Kurt Philip Behm