Kurt Philip Behm Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Kurt Philip Behm quotes, Kurt Philip Behm sayings, and Kurt Philip Behm proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Looking beyond our differences, / the transformation deepened / Speaking without words, / the conversation spiked / Touching without holding on, / all feelings turned to ecstasy / Loving while letting go / —the caterpillar's delight. Kurt Philip Behm
I know how it looks, / but only you know how it feels / I know when you're missing / —but only you know when you're gone. Kurt Philip Behm
Envy is a curse with the darkest shadow / Its yearning left unsettled in a greenish cast / Jealousy its evil twin beyond veracity purview / Coveting the burning torches —of all darkness past. Kurt Philip Behm
Jazz without melody, / an arm with no hand / A heart without blood / —a sea with no land. Kurt Philip Behm
I do and don’t believe in God, / at exactly the same time / A paradox like the Trinity, / an unwritten verse that rhymes / I feel him inside me with every step, / while knowing he’s not there / I carry his joy within my heart, / though reason not to share / A metaphysical oxymoron, / incomprehensibly proclaimed / And while science tears him limb from limb / —I still call out his name. Kurt Philip Behm
If language a bullet, / the pen is my gun / Its wound self inflicted, / —the verse zero-sum. Kurt Philip Behm
You can feel, but no longer find / the love / Surrounding, no longer inside / the love / Remembering, / you cannot forget / the love Lingering, / you wander in search —of love. Kurt Philip Behm
Word count a burden, / lines adding weight / Meaning gets crushed, / —feelings deflate. Kurt Philip Behm
Everyone has to be somewhere / unless they're in-between / Places caught beyond now and then / —with destiny unseen. Kurt Philip Behm
If you stop where you are, / you’ll die where you stand / Those choices you make / —to forever command. Kurt Philip Behm
The reasoning sands / and factual concrete. / From thin ice to thick, / what’s now indiscreet. / Decisions and choices / are still made the same / But to rent or to own / —real estate of this game. Kurt Philip Behm
Your head’s in the sand, / the canary at hand / The coward inside you, / his kingdom commands. / Mired in apathy, / lost in denial / One last Armageddon / —the price of your wile. Kurt Philip Behm
Be it Melville or Tolstoy / or a Pen still to burn / Know the words are just borrowed / —until silence returns. Kurt Philip Behm
The Muse in the tower, / whose debt you enthrone / Those jewels that you borrow, / —her crown still on loan. Kurt Philip Behm
The cruelest thing about life —is that it can be taken away. Kurt Philip Behm
Never shout into the void / —when you can whisper to the heart. Kurt Philip Behm
Stuck on the broken landing / Of a stairway to nowhere / My mood no longer elevated / My spirit remiss of song / Looking over the railing / Into a history that I buried / A ladder appears above me / But when I step—its rungs are gone. Kurt Philip Behm
Before you fall, / you've got to stand / Your voice once stalled, / fates reprimand / The paradigm floats, / on swamps that drain / Where praise cries out / —false hope again. Kurt Philip Behm
If only insight could be replayed, / like a Mozart symphony / Then epiphany’s light would shine on all / —in communal rhapsody. Kurt Philip Behm
Our perception trapped in entropy / Keeps the order one direction/ Our search for meaning stacked upon / —a theory not to last. Kurt Philip Behm
The Muse in the tower, / whose debt you enthrone / Those jewels that you borrow, / —her crown still on loan. Kurt Philip Behm