Kurt Philip Behm Sayings and Quotes

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Though few understand it a life heaven loaned to be welcomed back home. Kurt Philip Behm
Structure comes / from the classroom / Imagery comes / from experience / And it’s hard / to structure / What you can’t / —see. Kurt Philip Behm
Our story rechristened, / linked moments in time / New legacy written / —in couplets of rhyme Kurt Philip Behm
A muzzle / on a werewolf / Will never tame / its bite / Whose jaws retract, / with fangs intact / Enraged, / —to prowl the night. Kurt Philip Behm
And wander esoteric into notions barred to them Kurt Philip Behm
Your steak is still raw chewed right to the bone the banter around you. Kurt Philip Behm
The steak is served raw Chewed right to the bone The banter around you Seems damning at best Kurt Philip Behm
A Cowboy never says goodbye, the wind his closest friend A Cowboy never says goodbye -- his heart to only lend. Kurt Philip Behm
A scant twenty years, grieved a century or more Poetically perfect, in spirit and lore A man and his horse alone on the range. Kurt Philip Behm
To see past tomorrow, / today in freefall / A binary motion / of polar extremes / All consciousness split / —dark hole of my dreams Kurt Philip Behm
From the rock of ages, a pebble thrown. A thundering crash— from David's stone. Kurt Philip Behm
Do you burrow on blindly, or tunnel beyond / What your comfort will dictate, what the blackness desponds / One choice lands in darkness, one reaches for light / My tracks through the shadows, your fear cannot light. Kurt Philip Behm
I wish for tomorrow, / as today slips away / Each moment more precious, / the end drawing near / I pray for myself, / in spite of myself / Hoping God is still listening / —my soul a deaf ear. Kurt Philip Behm
My pen has unfrozen, in timeless delight. Directing this journey from darkness to light. Kurt Philip Behm
From lies and confusion, the wrongs became right. My days now lengthened, —turning darkness to light. Kurt Philip Behm
The cadence plays a wedding march, the rhyme to pledge out loud. Kurt Philip Behm
Through the good times and bad, / I held onto my anger / Either happy or sad, / it was never a stranger. Kurt Philip Behm
The gray dawn slaughters / the promise of Spring / Winter’s desperate last goodbye Kurt Philip Behm
Pain in the doing, ease in the writing. Memory calls distant,words answer back. Time of no meaning, experience flows. Images resurface—feelings attack. Kurt Philip Behm
The perfume of your silence lingers,—in scented feelings without words. Kurt Philip Behm
When the feelings are polished,--- the words can remain rough. Kurt Philip Behm
I’m tired of forgiving, / —your constant complaining / But I’m most tired of wishing, / —when the hope turns to pain Kurt Philip Behm
Innocence bleeding, within the deep warm incision of a preternatural beginning. Kurt Philip Behm
Dancing to the music inside a mountain garage. Kurt Philip Behm
And distance from the many women / he tried to love and failed / No matter how far he lived afield, / be it Paris, Havana, or Ketchum / In no place was there distance enough / or where his words could be safe. / The separation and memory loss / became deafening and finally too much / As he gave in to the distance / —one last and final time. Kurt Philip Behm
When all is said, and all is done, / and everyone looks back / Will you be known for what you were / —that knife in someone's back Kurt Philip Behm
Will you / Or won't you, / Can you / Or can't you, / Another paradox / Unclaimed Kurt Philip Behm
Will eternity have / a yin and a yang / Will the forces that govern/applaud and harangue / Will the blessings have value / if damnation moves on / Will it all even matter / —once tomorrow is gone. Kurt Philip Behm
You bought one more tomorrow, / from my borrowed yesterdays / My voice to sing with Angels, / your love the music plays / You bought one more tomorrow, / from my darkened yesterday's / Replacing grief and sorrow, / —with a torch that lights my way. Kurt Philip Behm
The differences in life —live within the questions you've asked. Kurt Philip Behm