Nikhil Parekh Sayings and Quotes

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As she was his sacrosanct mother; and he was; and would immortally remain; forever as her immortally impeccable child. Nikhil Parekh
Whilst I introduced myself as a hopelessly devastated and irretrievable loser in every commercial aspect of life; but nevertheless and solely as the "Son" of my unconquerably Omnipotent and eternally compassionate mother. Nikhil Parekh
Think about the endless odes of blissful love that she'd receive; amidst the philanthropically synergistic members of your unceasingly caring family Nikhil Parekh
Every cake stupendously enthusiastic about consecrating the child's birthday; irrefutably deserved to be kissed by a profoundly enlightening and poignantly glistening candle. Nikhil Parekh
The key to blissful relaxation; was easing cumbersome tensions from the brain; reinvigorating it with perfume. Nikhil Parekh
The mountain which abhorrently cries while defending; can never evolve into symbiotically unflinching and peerlessly unassailable unity. Nikhil Parekh
Forever unity; perpetuating a wave of unconquerably triumphant solidarity; amongst every caste; creed; sect and color of the; marvelously diversified society. Nikhil Parekh
Neither was there anything more powerful than it; not even the most inanely dwindling iota of ubiquitously insuperable unity; could dare dream come near it, Nikhil Parekh
Bone to Bone; and there perpetually evolves; a fortress of unflinchingly handsome and fearlessly peerless; unity. Nikhil Parekh
Not of the most magnanimous reflections of sharing; the unconquerable shimmers of unity that remained alive even after sunset. Nikhil Parekh
When you were malevolently assassinated by indiscriminately tyrannical whiplashes of spuriously racial discrimination; just utter the impregnably bountiful and grandiloquent word called; unity. Nikhil Parekh
And you have the most impregnable fortress of unity; with each second of unfurling black; yielding way for fathomless more lights. Nikhil Parekh
Life means God / Life means perennially unending / Life means more. Nikhil Parekh
Life is a timelessly unshakable victory of marvelously majestic honesty / over the horrendously squelched web of disconcertingly malicious deceit Nikhil Parekh
You're a rainbow of vivaciously versatile diversity / propelling me to intransigently discover and explore / the unfathomably wonderful beauty of this sacrosanct planet. Nikhil Parekh
I forever had hers and only her true support for me; even though none of the world and beyond; was ever mine. Nikhil Parekh
The most priceless thing that my mother could ever have bequeathed upon me; was her unconditional support and compassion; even in my times of acrimoniously devastating survival. Nikhil Parekh
How does it matter even if I was gruesomely uncivilized in my actions; not being able to eat with an array of glistening spoon and fork? / As long as she was sitting beside me; entwining her fingers in mine to support me wherever I went. Nikhil Parekh
Both of us were born only to support each other; impregnably unite in the waves of unassailable solidarity. Nikhil Parekh
Life without a purpose; is like a creeper growing up tall without a brick wall for support. Nikhil Parekh
But too romantic is too good;as it makes you feel alive beyond your own self;as it makes you feel alive for the most fulfilling mission for which God sent you upon on planet earth. Nikhil Parekh
And when I was in front of my immortal beloved; I waited for her to say I love you, making me entirely oblivious to the most treacherous of pain on my body; making me speak, worship; and die for; love, love and only love. Nikhil Parekh
And why did I love to perpetually and impregnably love? Well it was solely because of the most unflinchingly ardent existence; of every part; pore and beat of your divinely sensuous body; O! Omnipotent beloved. Nikhil Parekh
And my heart expressed its immortally unparalleled love; by bountifully bonding every of its passionate beat with her essence of irrefutably undaunted truth; indomitably coalescing with her spirit of oneness and humanity; even after the earth had disdainfully ceased to exist. Nikhil Parekh
Find me a girl in today's world; who loves you solely for your inimitably unique and profound personality; without the most evaporating iota of spell-binding magic descending down your spine? Nikhil Parekh
Not just an evanescent droplet; but an unlimited measure of my intricate personality; the boundless vacillations of moods that even the tiniest of my nerves; inevitably underwent. Nikhil Parekh
If overpowering your lover at every step; wholesomely and forever representing her entire personality like her ultimate bodyguard; is what makes her perpetually happy. Nikhil Parekh
When the clouds in the cosmos wanted to have some fun; they clashed playfully against each other; fomenting heavenly droplets of liquid to tumble down in rhapsodic frenzy. Nikhil Parekh
You had the power to stare at your own reflection in the mirror for unbelievable hours on the trot. Nikhil Parekh
Only through the eyes of soft empathy, can a child see its true reflection. Nikhil Parekh