Nikhil Parekh Sayings and Quotes

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Every day is a new day; bringing along with it overwhelming loads of happiness, and an unparalleled rhapsody to blissfully lead life. Nikhil Parekh
Grow more trees; profoundly disseminate the essence of / symbiotically majestic existence; to even the most remotely fathomless quarters of this gigantic Universe Nikhil Parekh
Grow more trees; inhale unending mountains of / gregariously fresh breath; into the jacket of your / abominably pulverized and salaciously deteriorating lungs Nikhil Parekh
My Boss wanted me to dance to his tunes all day; sway instantaneously to the most minuscule of his commands and instructions. Nikhil Parekh
I executed each of my task meticulously as the clock indefatigably ticked; harmoniously carrying out all my duties of the day without the slightest of circumspection or bewilderment. Nikhil Parekh
a precious gift of the living anatomy, / nominated as imperative for healthy life, / a thorough churner of consumed goods, / brushed thrice a day with fluoride paste, / projecting it as an object of desire, / is all that needs to be mentioned, / about a cluster of teeth. Nikhil Parekh
And for my nimbly penurious and diminutively groping persona; / an unfathomably enlightening poem a day; / keeps the doctor forever away. Nikhil Parekh
May this day forever bestow upon you bountiful riches, / May this day forever bless you with all that is wholeheartedly benevolent, / May this day forever reinforce your life with fathomless number of living years. Nikhil Parekh
O! yes after a tired day in the office; slaving more than 12 hours under my pretentious boss's nose; the world outside seemed as if it was recreated again; and things which seemed like wholesomely dead in office hours; now struck me as if they were bouncing and alive; as if they had been just born. Nikhil Parekh
The best thing that the diamond ring could do; was to amicably occupy a place on the engagement finger, Nikhil Parekh
all humans born had fragile bunches of hair emanating from their scalp, / the same grew into islands inhabited by deceit and lechery, / as advancing years crept, vanquishing immaculate hair of childhood, / into traces of everlasting oblivion. Nikhil Parekh
Depression / even when the most enchantingly tantalizing of seductresses / unfurled their umpteenth flavors of vibrant seduction / just abreast of my impoverished countenance. Nikhil Parekh
Depression / even when all the cuckoos of this Universe / boisterously chirped around me / for hours immemorial. Nikhil Parekh
Depression / even when a fathomless garden of rose bountifully bloomed outside my bedroom window / insatiably wafting the scent of timeless happiness into my penuriously sagging ears. Nikhil Parekh
The best thing that the frog could do; was to gleefully skip around; croak discordantly to pollute the mystical ambience around. Nikhil Parekh
With experience; comes maturity. Nikhil Parekh
Its appearance at maturity puristically flamboyant, mighty storm winds strike it with rebellious force. Nikhil Parekh
And every life spawned in this Universe by the Creator; sagaciously balanced itself between its share of enchantingly good and diabolically bad. Nikhil Parekh
When my fingers swell with incessant clinging to fountain pen, / Mental imagery fluctuates in relation to school text load, / I massage both palms vigorously with herbal turmeric balm. Nikhil Parekh
Moon lending extending hand / such gravitational play/folding currents massage passion even more. Nikhil Parekh
She whispered to her friends to shoo me away; which they executed with supreme efficiency; pelting me with their shoes; and whatever rotten piece of junk that came across their hands. Nikhil Parekh
How would the cave ever realize that it was entrenched / with divinely peace; unless and until it witnessed the / rambunctiously boisterous hustle-bustle of the city; the / unruly mobs of different tribes fighting spuriously for blood; /in the name of God? Nikhil Parekh
It was only when you started to insatiably expect; / that every stranger on the street would wholeheartedly smile; / altruistically enshroud each dreary aspect of your beleaguered existence with unprecedented happiness, / That it terribly hurt you; when he unsparingly abused you; / excoriating you apart like inconspicuously frigid shit; / for ostensibly no reason or plausible rhyme; instead. Nikhil Parekh
I couldn't take it back to her shadow; that same unbearably pugnacious shadow; which had so torturously broken it in the first place; trying to lambaste and invidiously overwhelm every shade of my celestial existence, Nikhil Parekh
I has just inhaled in a single draught of racy breath; / and time had zipped past all those moments / when I was seductively beautiful and young; / like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light. Nikhil Parekh
I wanted the speed of life to be like the majestically gliding eagle in the sky, / When I envisaged about the harmony of thought; the blissful symmetry of existence. Nikhil Parekh
At times this; and At times that; the list is endless but still a fraction too frugal to describe her divinely countenance; as she was everything for me in my impoverished life; she was my immortal wife. Nikhil Parekh
and when I burnt infinite leaves of my immaculate heart, / there was a mystical aroma that imprisoned the ambience, / it was a smell that portrayed sacrosanct love, / it was an insatiable odour of her mesmerizing soul thoroughly entwined in mine. Nikhil Parekh
When I scrupulously passed high school; passing with exorbitant marks in a plethora of subjects, / The surreal days of childhood; now an evanescent memory of the past, / They asked me the arenas I was going to specialize; trying to decode my aptitude towards life. Nikhil Parekh
Glistening golden sands of the beach, / A lunch box for venomous crabs, / Stormy waves dispatching sheets of salt, / With metallic clangs on crab shell, / Prompting elaborate spread of noxious tentacles, / Temporary dislocating the gallant brown spider, / Into well spun cocoons of slippery mud. Nikhil Parekh