Retirement Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old retirement quotes, retirement sayings, and retirement proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Being retired and being out of the game are two very different things, my dear. But I don't need to tell you that. Mitch Watson
Now, the average life expectancy is 70-years-old, and the age of retirement is sixty-five - but imagine we gave people up to twenty years of a carefree retirement. Alexander Kessel
And keep your retirement / And your so-called Social Security / Big city turn me loose and set me free Dean Holloway
Been working everyday since I was twenty / Haven't got a thing to show / For anything I've done / There's folks who never work and they've got plenty / Think it's time some guys like me had some fun, so / Turn me loose, set me free Dean Holloway
Bring a friend and you can be sure / Of a wonderful moment / You'll be living it up in a place / You can think about retirement Omar Lye-Fook
Got a finish off that swimming pool / Get some umbrellas, don't wanna be cool / Remember to take them fishing trips / You never had time for, this is it / The day of retirement have finally come Steve Gene Wold
Twenty five years working for the state / Saved all your money, got a good rate / Always thinking 'bout that pension plan / The day of retirement, the promised land, well Steve Gene Wold
Well, they finally lay you in the ground / Your wife and the children standing around / Now they got that pension plan / Rather have you, don't you know it, man Steve Gene Wold
In a shack by the sea, I'll sit back, sipping tea / Let my early retirement commence / Far from fools made of wax, I'll get down to brass tacks and relax / When I'm human again Howard Elliot Ashman
My body's old but it ain't impaired / Well I don't need this rocking chair / Retirement don't fit in my plans / You can keep your seat I'm a gonna stand Frank Dycus
The man of a thousand retirements / Will always be the one to tell you when to quit Darrel Lance Abbott
Others see retirement as a fresh opportunity to give more attention to intellectual, artistic, and creative pursuits. Bruce Bruinsma
Still others see their retirement years as a chance to focus more on health, exercise and diet. Bruce Bruinsma
But as with so many other issues, life in retirement can be much more complicated than life was before. Bruce Bruinsma
I see retirement as an opportunity to reinvent oneself. Doreen Rosenthal
I didn't retire, I simply stopped working in traditional sense. I did not stop working completely. Doreen Rosenthal
The word 'retire' here, implies that you can leave one life for another. Doreen Rosenthal
Describing retirement as a 'promotion' reminds us of the potential for this stage to be positive, active and full of challenges, whichever way it is defined. Doreen Rosenthal
Retirement is built into our biology. It presents a challenge that we humans have been living with, one way or another, since the dawn of time: how do we support ourselves when we can no longer do so through our own labor? Michael P. Barry
We're all going to retire. Barring bad luck or misfortune, we are all going to get old and, at some point, no longer be able to work. Or not want to work. Michael P. Barry
Technically, retirement means the end of one's career. But anyone who is retired or is close to retiring, knows that's only the half of it. Mutea Rukwaru
To some retirement feels like the end of one's lifetime and the beginning of another. Mutea Rukwaru
Retirement can also be seen as a transition of career. Mutea Rukwaru
Retirement is a phase of life for which you will need to develop a new lifestyle and this requires advance planning. Mutea Rukwaru
Retirement can provide an opportunity for free time. Apart from eating and sleeping you may have as much as 98 hours each week to do whatever you choose. Mutea Rukwaru
Retirement in this generation of boomers is an attitude rather than a chronological age. Patrick M. Kennedy
Retirement is one of life's watershed experiences. Forest J. Bowman
One thing does not improve with age and retirement: finances. Forest J. Bowman
One of the joys of retirement is supposedly the right to choose to do whatever you wish. Forest J. Bowman
Only you can determine when you want to retire, where you want to retire, how much money you will need for retirement,and what you will do in retirement. Forest J. Bowman