Retirement Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old retirement quotes, retirement sayings, and retirement proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The traditional view of retirement resembles an extended vacation, with time to relax, travel, and visit with grandchildren. S. Jamie Gayton
For many people, retirement is simply the point in their lives when they stop working for money. S. Jamie Gayton
In order to achieve you retirement vision, enjoy financial independence, and prepare for any emergencies that may arise later in life, you must start saving for retirement now. S. Jamie Gayton
Retirement is more than simply withdrawing from work. Retirement often leads to new options in later life. Harry R. Moody
Retirement has come to mean an expansion of leisure time, most of it during the retirement years. Harry R. Moody
Retirement as a time of leisure is feasible only with a certain degree of wealth. Harry R. Moody
Retirement is a social institution with rules about when it is permissible for workers to leave the paid labor force. Joan T. Erber
Transition from a working environment to retirement poses financial as well as emotional challenges. Irving S. Schloss
At the outset, the most important myth to dispel is that retirement represents the finish line. Irving S. Schloss
One of the major turnings in life takes place at 'retirement.' John Fry
Retirement is a convenient social expedient for removing from work employed workers who reach certain ages. John Fry
Retirement should be looked on as the end of the beginning rather than as the beginning of the end. John Fry
Yes, there can be retirement from a primary job but new opportunities await everyone to share their lessons from life and make the 'rest if our years the best or our years!' John Heide
Yes, retirement is alluring and enchanting for many! John Heide