Sportsmanship Sayings and Quotes

Sports bring out our competitive nature, but winning isn’t everything. Win or lose, having good sportsmanship can go a long way. No one wants to engage with a sore loser or someone who gloats. Play at your best with the collection of wise and insightful good sportsmanship quotes below.

George realize that in order to save tree house, Bukuvu, and entire jungle lifestyle, George now have to hit women. But, in name of sportsmanship, George give woman fighting chance. Jordan Moffet
In true sportsmanship, the one who wins is the winner! Hideyuki Kurata
A sorry spectacle, a poor example of Southern sportsmanship. Walter Hill
You know, let's shake hands. Sportsmanship is paramount to a fair, clean fight. Jared Hedges
Playing games is very important for the development of good sportsmanship, nobody likes a poor winner, especially the loser or vices virtue or something like that. Bill Berg
The ability to witness two men stand toe to toe in the spirit of sportsmanship and pummel each other into insensibility is what separates us from the animals. James L. Brooks
Bad sportsmanship. A ruthless minority of people seem to have forgotten good old-fashioned virtues. They just can't stand seeing the other fellow win. If these people would just play the game. Terry Gilliam
Wow, you stayed out there for twelve seconds! / That's a new record for you! / Looks like someone's finally learning / About a little thing called sportsmanship. Brian Alexander Wecht
Good sportsmanship means always trying your hardest, no matter what. John Bowman
People see sportsmanship in different ways. Fouls are sometimes fair, champions are sometime booed. John Bowman
Conduct that involves fair and honest rivalry, courteous relations, and graceful acceptance of the results. John Bowman
Good sportsmanship sometimes overlaps into poor sportsmanship. John Bowman
Good sportsmanship represents a more human, more relaxed way of life. John Bowman
Sportsmanship is not just about following the rules of the game. Nick Hunter
A player who tries to get away with breaking rules may be guilty of bad sportsmanship. Nick Hunter
Showing good sportsmanship, or being a good sport, is more about the spirit in which the game is played. Nick Hunter
A good sport can be contrasted with someone who tries to 'win at all costs'. Nick Hunter
Sportsmanship is about recognizing that playing the game fairly and in the right spirit is at least as important as winning. Nick Hunter
What is important in life is not victory but the battle. What matters is not to have won, but to have fought well. Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Sportsmanship combines striving for success with maintaining a commitment to fairness, honesty, and respect for the rules. Tom Robinson
Young athletes learn sportsmanship and behavior by observing others. Tom Robinson
Definitions of sportsmanship often include the concept of striving for excellence. Tom Robinson
The attempt to win is at the heart of most issues concerning poor sportsmanship. Tom Robinson
Poor sportsmanship generally occurs when too high a priority is placed on the goal without concern for the process of attaining it. Tom Robinson
Show good sportsmanship by respecting the other team when you play sports. Frank Murphy
If you don't use good sportsmanship, your coach may have you sit out games. Frank Murphy
People will enjoy your company when you show sportsmanship. Frank Murphy
What is good sportsmanship? Good sportsmanship is keeping your temper if you strike out. Janet Riehecky
You can be a good sport in all parts of your life. Be patient with someone who is just learning how to play. Lucia Raatma
You can be a good sport at school, too. Remember to thank the people who helped you if you win a game or an award. Lucia Raatma

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