Sportsmanship Sayings and Quotes

Sports bring out our competitive nature, but winning isn’t everything. Win or lose, having good sportsmanship can go a long way. No one wants to engage with a sore loser or someone who gloats. Play at your best with the collection of wise and insightful good sportsmanship quotes below.

You should always show good sportsmanship when playing a sport or game. Frank Murphy
Gamesmanship appears in many different forms throughout sport and the sport culture. Angela Lumpkin
The word sportsmanship is often misunderstood. Sportsmanship also is written into playing rules today under the rubric or unsportsmanlike conduct. Angela Lumpkin
Good sportsmanship results when team members act properly. Mary Mueller
Personality integrity leads to good sportsmanship. Mary Mueller
Self-control when facing trouble also shows good sportsmanship. Mary Mueller
Respect for others builds good sportsmanship, too. Mary Mueller
Emphasizing sportsmanship in both practice and games should remain a priority. When good sportsmanship disappears, then participation is rarely fun for anyone. Gerald Koocher
Kids may comply with sportsmanship behaviors in competition if they also learn about the benefits of such behaviors. Gerald Koocher
You may help your child develop sportsmanship behaviors by asking your child what his role model would do in a particular situation. Gerald Koocher
Since actions do speak louder than words, parents who are committed to instilling sportsmanship in their child can now be equipped with a game plan for raising a true champion. Remember to play hard, play fairly, and have fun. Gerald Koocher
Sport relies on sportsmanship, playing to the written and unwritten rules of the game. John Honeybourne
Sportsmanship includes shaking hands and cheering the other team at the end of the game. John Honeybourne
Gamesmanship has now become an acceptable part of modern sport. John Honeybourne
Crowds too can show sportsmanship by applauding good play by both teams, keeping quiet when players take penalties and accepting referees' decisions. John Honeybourne