George Carlin Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old George Carlin quotes, George Carlin sayings, and George Carlin proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

To my way of thinking, there is every bit as much evidence for the existence of UFOs as there is for the existence of God. Probably far more. At least in the case of UFOs there have been countless taped and filmed and, by the way, unexplained sightings from all over the world, along with documented radar evidence seen by experienced military and civilian radar operators. George Carlin
The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity. George Carlin
If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2? George Carlin
The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. George Carlin
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. George Carlin
The planet isn't going anywhere. We are. George Carlin
By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. George Carlin
Don’t just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything. George Carlin
Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a face full of rain. George Carlin
The safest place to be during an earthquake would be in a stationary store. George Carlin
If a lobster didn't look like a sci-fi monster, people would be less able to drop him alive into boiling water. George Carlin
Your home is your refuge. George Carlin
There's a humorous side to every situation. The challenge is to find it. George Carlin
You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar. George Carlin
There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. George Carlin
The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept. George Carlin
Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that. George Carlin
Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes. George Carlin
Heart disease has changed my eating habits, but I still cook bacon for the smell. George Carlin
If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? George Carlin
Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit. George Carlin
I was thinking about how people seem to read the bible a whole lot more as they get older, and then it dawned on me—they’re cramming for their final exam. George Carlin
If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is it homeless or naked? George Carlin
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. George Carlin
Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that. George Carlin
The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post “Thou shalt not steal,” “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” and “Thou shalt not lie” in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment. George Carlin
I never eat sushi. I have trouble eating things that are merely unconscious. George Carlin
Fuck the drug war. Dropping acid was a profound turning point for me, a seminal experience. I make no apologies for it. More people should do acid. It should be sold over the counter. George Carlin
If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted? George Carlin
I'm sixty years of age. That's 16 Celsius. George Carlin