Anonymous Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Anonymous quotes, Anonymous sayings, and Anonymous proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Libras hate to see others hurthing, but when you irritate them their temper can be destructive. Anonymous
No need to give Libra orders. They won't obey them anyway. Anonymous
Blaze all way to the Libra back to the cheater. Anonymous
Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others. Anonymous
As a Libra you win people over with your charm. Anonymous
A libra is skilled enough to be one step ahead, but make you believe they are one step behind. Anonymous
Becoming healthy is the best decision I have ever made. Anonymous
A true cowboy knows love, pain and shame but never cares about fame. Anonymous
The cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man or take unfair advantage. Anonymous
You can tell a true cowboy by the type of horse that he rides. Anonymous
Cowboys are gentlemen who treat women with respect and work hard. They use their manners more than any other man would and ride horse and bulls like their is no tomorrow. Anonymous
It doesn't matter if a Cowboy lives in the mountains or in the flats, as long as it's warm and there is a place to lay his hat. Anonymous
The only good reason to ride a bull is to meet a nurse. Anonymous
I took to the life of a cowboy like a horse takes to oats. Anonymous
Real cowboys never run, they just ride away. Anonymous
It ain't the clothes that make the cowgirl, it's the attitude and heart. Anonymous
Boots, chaps and cowboy hats. Nothing else matters. Anonymous
Cowboys need nothin' more than a hat, horse, and the will to ride. Anonymous
Any cowboy can carry a tune. The trouble comes when he tries to unload it. Anonymous
A good cowman knows how to lie to the tax collector and the cattle buyer. Anonymous
Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus. The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took our guilt and blame upon Himself so we could be with Him in paradise. Anonymous
Good Friday is a Christian day commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Anonymous
On this Good Friday may we never forget the true meaning of Easter - For when He was on the cross, I was on His mind. Anonymous
Each new day, a gift to be opened, sunrise slowly unties it's ribbon of hope. Anonymous
The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. Anonymous
A positive attitude awakens inner strength, energy, motivation and initiative. Anonymous
A Step Father means so many things... an understanding heart, a source of strength and of support, right from the very start. Anonymous
Stepfathers are no less than those of blood: The spirit is more comely than the flesh. Fathers are defined by how they love and not by how they multiply or breed. Anonymous
The Capricorn man is very physical and passionate, but not emotional (on the outside). Deep inside he yearns for love but this takes a long time to become reality, he is very reluctant to place trust in another person. Show him how much you admire him and earn trust gradually over time. He is very faithful, probably the most faithful of all zodiac signs. Underneath his secretive mysterious nature is a romantic streak with a strong sensual side, this side is completely hidden and once unlocked, you'll be amazed at the transformation this man has undergone! Patience and trust is key with a Capricorn man, he has so much to offer the right woman who will wait for him. Anonymous
Welcome this morning with a smile! Happy Saturday!If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine. Anonymous