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A wedding is the ceremony that alters a man's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Evan Esar
A shotgun wedding is one in which the bride's father says, "He does". Evan Esar
Before the wedding, you expect too much of marriage; after the wedding, you get too much of it. Evan Esar
Love should be behind every wedding, but not too far behind. Evan Esar
After paying for the wedding, about the only thing a father has left to give away is the bride. Evan Esar
At a wedding the bride is usually well groomed and the groom well bridled. Evan Esar
At a wedding, a father gives his daughter up with the reluctance, and a mother gives her up with relief. Evan Esar
A wedding is the formality a man has to go through before going to work for a new boss. Evan Esar
The happiest days in a movie star's life are her wedding days. Evan Esar
There's one good thing about tight shoes: they make you forget your other troubles. Evan Esar
If the high cost of living goes any higher, we'll be buying our shoes one at a time instead of a pair. Evan Esar
There's nothing smaller than some women's feet, except the shoes they're in. Evan Esar
There's nothing smaller than some women's feet, except the shoes they're in. Evan Esar
The first thing a woman would do if she were in a man's shoes is kicking them off. Evan Esar
What this country needs is a pair of shoes that will increase in size along with the growth of children's feet. Evan Esar
A women's little feet usually run up a big shoe bill. Evan Esar
Another way to find out where the shoe pinches is to foot your wife's shoe bills. Evan Esar
A man buys shoes to fit his feet; a woman, to fit the occasion. Evan Esar
A woman is likely to keep trying on shoes till the salesman has a fit. Evan Esar
The woman who is shopping for shoes has no sense for the fitness of things. Evan Esar
A woman has passed the dangerous age as soon as she starts trying on a pair of shoes for comfort. Evan Esar
No man has ever been able to explain why a woman feels more comfortable in uncomfortable shoes than she does in comfortable ones. Evan Esar
Liquor works two ways; it will either put you on top of the world, or under the table. Evan Esar
A liquor store is where they collect taxes for the government and also sell liquor Evan Esar
Liquor should not be given to the man who is given to liquor. Evan Esar
Liquor doesn't deteriorate with age, but the man who drinks too much of it does. Evan Esar
Get the best of liquor, but don't let liquor get the best of you. Evan Esar
Liquor is an insiduos habit; you start out by drinking now and then, and very soon you are drinking more now than you did then. Evan Esar
A little liquor makes you lose your inhibitions, a lot makes you give inhibitions. Evan Esar
A check for liquor is not a check for liquor. Evan Esar