Evan Esar Sayings and Quotes

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Marriage makes a difference: the man about town sometimes becomes the mouse around the house. Evan Esar
Life is a course that finally leaves you breathless from running around in circles trying to make ends meet. Evan Esar
About the time we learn how to make the most of life, most of it is gone. Evan Esar
Life is generally made up of three things: pretense, suspense. and expense. Evan Esar
Life is no laughing matter, except to the man who can laugh at his troubles. Evan Esar
When a person puts his best foot forward and gets it stepped on-that's life. Evan Esar
The man who doesn't go to any church probably had a baptism that didn't take. Evan Esar
Life always gives you plenty to think about, but seldom enough to think with. Evan Esar
The more we think of some people, the less we think of them. Evan Esar
For every man who is always telling you what he thinks, there is another who is always telling you what others think. Evan Esar
For every man who is always telling you what he thinks, there is another who is always telling you what others think. Evan Esar
Many a man who thinks he is thinking, is merely digesting yesterday's newspaper. Evan Esar
An argument is an angry dispute in which two persons keep talking without throwing anything. Evan Esar
If you think both sides in a dispute cannot win, just interview management and labor after a strike is settled. Evan Esar
The man who does not think as you do is apt to be stubborn. Evan Esar
When an arbitrator fails to settle a dispute, both sides regard him as more traitor than arbitrator. Evan Esar
Homes are built to provide a little security for a family, and a lot of security for the bank that holds the mortgage. Evan Esar
In every organization, factions speak louder than words. Evan Esar
What this country needs is an organization opposed to all organizations. Evan Esar
The army is another organization that gives commissions in addition to salaries. Evan Esar
The government is the only organization that operates on a deficit and still makes money. Evan Esar
A movie star doesn't care to live in the institution of marriage, but prefers to make frequent visits. Evan Esar
A necessary evil is never necessary but always evil. Evan Esar
To the cynic, money isn't the root of all evil-evil is the root of all money. Evan Esar
Love of money is the root of half the evil in the world , and lack of money is the root of the other half. Evan Esar
The evil that men do makes them eligible for nomination to office. Evan Esar
A great evil is the number of people who are trying to get something for nothing, and a greater evil is the number of people who succeed. Evan Esar
When a teenager is watching television, listening to her record player, and talking on the phone, she is probably doing her homework. Evan Esar
A lazy schoolboy lets his father do his homework, but a bright one helps his father with it. Evan Esar
Homework sometimes shows how much children don't know, but more often how much their parents don't know. Evan Esar