Evan Esar Sayings and Quotes

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Some friends are a habit. others a luxury. Evan Esar
A true friend remains a friend even when you don't deserve to have one. Evan Esar
It is surprising how many friends a man has until he needs one. Evan Esar
If a false friend is one who stabs you in the back, is a true friend one who stabs you in front? Evan Esar
Giving and take give we hear a great deal about the Lord loving cheerful givers. Evan Esar
When it comes to giving charity, some people stop at nothing. Evan Esar
The Lord loves a cheerful giver, and so does everyone else. Evan Esar
There's nothing so rare as the ability to take good advice, except the wisdom to give it. Evan Esar
The man who takes and never gives, may last for years but never lives. Evan Esar
A well-adjusted person is one who can play golf and bridge as if they were games. Evan Esar
If you watch a game, it's fun; if you play it, it's recreation; if you work at it, it's golf. Evan Esar
What some people enjoy most about table tennis is stepping on the ball. Evan Esar
Public opinion is the God of democracy and the journalist is his prophet. Evan Esar
Public opinion is what people think other people think. Evan Esar
Of all the opinions which people entertain, the best one is that which they have of themselves. Evan Esar
A man is no greater than his wife's opinion. Evan Esar
The proof that many a man is a poor judge of human nature is the good opinion he hold of himself. Evan Esar
Women are more irritable than men, probably because men are more irritating. Evan Esar
An alcoholic is constantly irritating his family because he is constantly irritating himself. Evan Esar
A successful politician is one who knows how to get into the public eye without irritating it. Evan Esar
Television is a daily menace to housework, and a nightly menace to homework. Evan Esar
Another thing that's wrong with television is that it goes in for movies that are not worth going out to see. Evan Esar
TV is an advertising medium, where the commercial urging you to save is followede by another urging you to borrow. Evan Esar
The worst thing about television are the sponsors who make the impossible programs possible. Evan Esar
A commercial gives you a headache while trying to sell you a remedy for it. Evan Esar
Life is an endless series of bounces, some as predictable as the rebound of a basketball, others as unpredictable as the rebound of a football. Evan Esar
A wife is a great consolation, especially when a man comes home after his girl friend has run out on him. Evan Esar
A penny saved is a girlfriend lost. Evan Esar
A small town is a place where the news circulates before the newspaper does. Evan Esar
When you finally visit your boy hood town, you find it wasn't the old home you longed for, but your boyhood. Evan Esar